Flaming Leadership was set up in 2020 in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to ‘achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.’

We seek to shift the landscape around gender parity, meaningfully challenge outdated stereotypes and increase the number of women stepping up to lead. We do this by providing dynamic training, bespoke coaching and personalised mentoring.

Flaming Leadership are a team who develop and deliver in-house, online and residential retreat programmes for business and education. From start to finish we work closely with our clients to identify their needs, ensuring that significant change can be implemented and sustained as we go forwards.

Because the most important thing in our work is Gender Parity, Inclusivity and Diversity, our workshops and coaching is for anyone and everyone. Nobody is excluded. 

The work we cover includes: 

  • Addressing gender dis/parity in language and behaviour
  • Creating awareness around unconscious biases and micro-aggressions
  • Establishing refreshed and fully-formed narratives
  • Turning passive by-standing into assertive communication and positive action  
  • Handling specific areas for development with courage and clear direction 
  • Building and maintaining strong and trusting relationships 
  • Identifying and developing opportunities for the advancement of women in business
  • Recognising and normalising the accomplishments of women
  • Building supportive networks of all genders to realise successful leadership strategies towards gender parity
  • Strengthening communication, resilience and negotiation resources and support 
  • Advocating self-development into a solution focussed mindset
  • Understanding all gender issues around equality, diversity and inclusion

Meet the Team

Dannie-Lu Carr

Dannie is the Founder of Flaming Leadership. She is a senior training consultant and executive coach who specialises in Communication, Personal Impact, Creativity and Women’s Leadership. Dannie has been designing, developing and delivering training for over 20 years across a wide range of business, educational and charity sectors.

She is also a published author, acting coach, singer/songwriter, actor and award-winning theatre director. Dannie founded Creative Wavelengths, a linguistic and diagnostic tool for Creativity and Innovation in Organisations in 2017, following her acclaimed TEDx talk ‘The Inconvenient Truth for Culture’ in 2015.

Her work brings issues around women’s leadership and the accomplishment of gender parity to the centre of the table, giving people the implementable skills with which to initiate change. She is a regular public speaker and guest panellist on a range of issues around women and the realities that they face at work and in society.

Kemi Adekoya-Lofinmakin

Kemi is a specialist in strategic leadership and impactful speaking work. She has been the President of the Nigerian UK Housing Society for the last 12 years and the driving force behind the successful implementation of high-quality housing management training.

Kemi has also been a powerful board member for both Bromley Racial Equality Council (BREC) and Housing for Women. She has vast experience as a facilitator and speaker at a large number of conferences and is Flaming Leadership’s expert on the intersectionality that Black Women face, and the specific issues they are confronted with in Leadership.

In addition, Kemi is a trained youth worker and an experienced facilitator of community prison projects. She regularly works with Kids Kitchen, whose purpose is to get all sorts of families cooking healthy meals with their children. Kemi’s extensive work as an actor and writer has seen her work recently produced at the Young Vic.

Laura Kean

Laura has over 20 years of international consulting experience. She began her career in HR Business Partnering in finance and then worked in telecoms and media before becoming an independent consultant.

She has worked with a range of clients across the public and private and specialises in Diversity and Inclusion, supporting women and people with disabilities to overcome barriers to progression. Laura also works with managers to understand the legal, ethical and business imperatives to challenging problematic behaviours and moving beyond compliance to inclusion.

Laura works comfortably at all levels, facilitating workshops and conversations for Executive Boards, Graduates, Apprentices and front-line workers.  She has experience of designing and delivering “positive action” programmes for women and working specifically with female leaders on topics such as assertiveness, communication, emotional intelligence and negotiation skills.

Robert Stephenson

Robert has a background that has roots in performance and theatre, and his journey to life coaching, and training, has taken him along a path of varied experience and learning. He originally trained as an actor and mime artist, and physical theatre was a big part of Robert’s early work. Specialising in theatre and education within schools, he has worked collaboratively with a number of organisations such as Creative Partnerships and A New Direction, where he delivered training alongside Educational Consultant Mathilda Joubert, a collaboration that sparked my initial interest in coaching.

Robert have also been involved with different aspects of higher education institutions; having worked on degrees at several universities; running a module in Theatre and Education at Essex University, as well as contributing work to Anglia Ruskin’s Masters in Education and the Arts.

He has been on an incredible journey of self-development and consistently expanded both his training and coaching skill set. Initially training as an NLP Practitioner and hypnotherapist, Robert then went on to pass his Diploma in Transformational Coaching, before adding a number of other accredited coach training courses to his toolkit, including David Drake’s Narrative Coaching, Simon Western’s Analytic Network Coaching & Peter Hawkins Advanced Coaching.

Robert is highly involved the allyship and co-conspirator areas of Flaming Leadership’s work.

Indra A. Books

With 25 years of award-winning coaching and leadership experience in both the private and public sectors around the globe, Indra has a passion for working with organizations to effect meaningful, goal-oriented change resulting in high-performing and inclusive team culture. Indra is regularly invited to lead workshops and talks, and continues to shift the focus from process concerns to investments in culture, people, and mindset.

Indra founded Agility for All to move organizations past mechanics to deeper environmental change; creating cultures founded in the definition of agility; being flexible and able to adapt quickly. Every discussion with Indra starts with “What is the problem you are trying to solve?” not by applying the latest buzzword frameworks and methodologies without purpose.

Indra strives to help redefine how people show up and interact through her group coaching programs and consulting, thus producing an environment of higher retention, engagement, and performance. Indra hopes to continue to foster an environment for all voices to be heard and thrive.

In-House Programmes

Flaming Leadership in-house programmes are carefully tailored to fit the needs and goals of the organisation and the individuals within it.

Potential coaching sessions may include conversations around
  • confidence versus resilience
  • micro-aggressions, labelling
  • the impact of language
  • unconscious biases
  • and a range of other factors need to be had if we are to manage the significant change into better gender equality at executive level. 
There are issues around intersectionality which often need addressing around issues of race, gender identity, ableism, motherhood, childlessness, child-freeness and fertility issues of all kinds.  We will also address the concept of allyship and how to move beyond ineffective lip service of the term. An in-house programme is a minimum of four half-day sessions, but we will work closely with the participants and organisation in developing the programme. An example of a Flaming Leadership in-house programme might look like this: 
  • What is Leadership & Why We Need More Female Leaders
  • Where Are You Currently & Where Do You Want To Be?
  • Uncovering Your Existing Narratives & Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs. 
  • Impactful Communication: Speaking Up, Asking Questions and The Importance of Language
  • Playing to Your Strengths and Owning Your Self Worth
  • Identifying Your Values, Vision and Goals 
  • Creating and Setting Boundaries
  • Handling Challenge and Staying Assertive
  • Navigating the Demands of Leading
  • Issues of race, ableism and identity 
  • Creating and Implementing Something New
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching
  • One to one Executive Coaching


The Flaming Leadership retreats give women the opportunity to fully immerse in their professional and personal development in the leadership space. 

Whilst we do have time to enjoy good food and opportunities for private time, the retreats are designed to provide an intensive space to explore and shift the narratives and patterns which have been preventing movement in your world and work.

Every year we run 2-3 retreats. We vary the locations This year, in 2022, we have one retreat in Spain and another in Scotland. The programmes are all-inclusive, travel immersive experiences to disconnect from the corporate setting and focus on you as a leader. The objectives of the retreats are to:
  • Develop an understanding of leadership mindset and how to create your own
  • Practice techniques for self-awareness, trust building and personal impact
  • Explore how to connect to your own values and sense of purpose
  • Examine how you currently show up and how you want to show up in the future.
  • Raise awareness of biases and how to challenge and change the narratives effectively
  • Delve into how others perceive you and how this impacts your interactions
  • Learn how to ask powerful questions and address difficult conversations.
  • Identify how to take mental and physical space and how to speak up and use your voice effectively
  • Investigate how to successfully navigate tough negotiations, set and maintain boundaries
  • Command and maintain your own energy, resources and connections amidst your leadership demands
  • Master assertiveness, agility and resilience, kicking out imposter syndrome for good
  • Inspire creativity, innovation and cohesion in women’s leadership
  • Write a longer-range actions and accountability plan
Note: These programmes are designed to bring women together from different organisations. If your organisation wants to host 10-12 women in an intensive retreat, please contact us (email) to discuss availability and programming.

Online Programmes

The Flaming Leadership 12-month online group coaching programme is designed for women who are already in leadership or who are stepping into leadership roles. It supports women who want to refine how they show up and meet the demands of being a leader.

The programme is set up as monthly sessions on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and includes 1:1 sessions every quarter for participants as well. We take up to 12 women per cohort and the next start date will be 13th September, 2022. We address the following over the 12 months
    • What is your why?
    • How are you showing up?
    • Your strengths and biases
    • Empathetic vs. Dismissive Listening
    • Limiting Beliefs
    • Difficult Conversations
    • Burnout
    • Managing Your Time and Energy
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Impactful Change
    • Leaders as Coaches

To discuss any of our offerings, please contact one of our consultants directly here

Clients Include